2023 NFL: Top five Teams

Philadelphia Eagles: Featuring a collection of pass-rushing specialists with size, speed, athleticism and explosiveness, Philadelphia creates mass destruction in the trenches. Four different players on the Eagles' defensive front hit double-digit sacks last season: Haason Reddick (16), Brandon Graham (11), Javon Hargrave (11) and Josh Sweat (11). Cincinnati Bengals: excellent defending skills and top quality attack is the feature of this team. As an unstoppable unit with elite playmaking skills, the Bengals' receiving corps is cherry on the cake. 3. San Francisco 49ers 4. Detroit Lions 5. Miami Dolphins This seasons we are about to experience rare blend of experience and explosiveness. Welcome to the World of NFL.


5/14/20231 min read

people watching soccer game during daytime
people watching soccer game during daytime

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