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CarePredict Home: the Wearable for the Elderly That Can Save a Life

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CarePredict Tempo Series 3 is an assistive wearable for the elderly that can alert family and friends in the event of an accident or illness. It’s among the best wearables for the elderly displayed Consumer Electronics Show 2020 and could potentially save the life of a loved one.

The basic concept is simple: oftentimes critical health events like a stroke or heart attack are foreshadowed by minute changes in daily routines or biometric data, such as heart rate or blood oxygen levels. The Tempo monitors and reports such data to CarePredict. When any change in activity levels or biometric-readings occur, either the wearable or a family member can intervene before a serious event occurs.

carepredict tempo 3 wearable ces 2020

The company behind the Tempo 3 is CarePredict, a 7-year-old company from California. The firm specializes in developing care solutions for the elderly. And their primary product isn’t just wearables, it’s an infrastructure combining software, artificial intelligence, and hardware which CarePredict refers to as CarePredict Home. CarePredict Home is the company’s first venture into the consumer elder-care marketplace. And it isn’t just a wearable. It’s  also a software solution.

The CarePredict Home smartphone app establishes a two-way sync between the wearer of the CarePredict Tempo and the user of the app (which is oftentimes the care provider). In many ways, CarePredict Home is similar to smartwatches for kids, which allow parents to keep tabs on their children. Like smartwatches for kids, it includes an emergency-alert system which allows the wearer to call predefined numbers, such as the emergency contact or emergency services, with the touch of a button. For example, if grandma suffers a critical event, such as a heart attack, she can press one button on her bracelet and summon assistance, similar to the Life Alert. And like many assistive technologies, it’s dead-simple to use and operate.

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An issue with many senior-oriented wearables is that they are not intuitive to their users. For example, the Apple Watch was marketed as potentially being able to protect against myocardial infarction thanks to its extremely accurate ECG heart rate sensor. Unfortunately, wireless cradle chargers are by no means an intuitive technology to many seniors who grew up with replaceable batteries. Fortunately, the Tempo comes with a swappable battery which should make the device more understandable and usable by those unfamiliar with lithium-ion batteries and the odd wireless charging technologies common to many smart watches.

carepredict tempo battery replacement in action

It’s also worth noting that the Tempo comes with multiday battery life and a sensor suite that includes motion/steps, blood oxygen, and heart rate. The Tempo 3 is already available for purchase as a care solution from professional care providers. The difference between previous models and the Series 3 is that, for the first time ever, CarePredict is entering consumer markets. Its availability should be sometime in the first quarter of 2020.