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The 12 Coolest Accessories for Under $100


The best accessories can completely transform your look. Whether its sunglasses—think Tom Cruise in Risky Business—socks, or even a bag, they’re small items with a big impact. But that doesn’t mean they need to have a big price tag. While a little luxury is always nice, there’s never a bad time for a new addition to your collection that rings up for less than $100. Here are 12 of our favorite picks.

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Keith Haring ‘Resist’ Pin



For your jacket. Or your bag. Or maybe your hat. Basically anywhere you want to add a little extra personality.

Tie-Dyed Socks



Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the tie-dye has to go anywhere. 

Base Camp Wallet

The North Face


Your wallet only comes out from time to time. Get a color that’ll let it shine for those brief moments.

Watch Hat

Carhartt Work in Progress


You can’t go wrong with a Carhartt WIP watch cap in pretty much any color, but if you’re feeling unsure: Black works with everything.

Alltimers Bag




Call it a fanny pack or a bum bag or a cross-body—whatever you like. This one just so happens to be especially cool in an easygoing, throwback kind of way.

Embroidered Baseball Cap

Pasadena Leisure Club


Dad caps: Not just for dads! This one from Pasadena Leisure Club offers up a great color, a (probably) tongue-in-cheek logo, and a vibe that works especially well on the weekend.

Wool and Silk-Blend Pocket Square



Pocket squares—especially the crips, white, Mad Men variety—have seen a bit of a downturn in popularity over the last few years. But the lush prints from Drake’s? Those always have a place in our hearts (and your pocket).

Nexus Wrap Bracelet



The minimalist’s choice for a wrist party. Pair it with your watch, or wear it on its own. 

Leather Belt

Red Wing


Red Wing is known for using some of the very best leather in the game. So it’s only natural that it signature Hawthorne Muleskinner variety would make its way to a perfectly casual belt.

AT Watch



A field watch with a little modernist flair. This will go with pretty much everything in your closet. 

Harris Sunglasses

Warby Parker


Warby Parker’s sunglasses still pack one of the best style-to-price ratios in the game. This pair, with its square shape and tortoiseshell frames, is a classic.

The Twill Weekender – Dark Green



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